OCEANOGRAPHIC RESEARCH STATION EnGen Institute has recently applied to lease an established Teaching College Campus with direct ocean access suitable for an Oceanographic Research Station.   The facility has lecture & seminar rooms, research laboratories, dinning facilities, and can accommodate 80 staff and students. If the application is successful EnGen Institute will establish coast and climate research and teaching programs as well as public interest activities.
EnGen Institute has a mooring in the Tamar River in Tasmania that will be used for testing new tidal power modules. The Whirlpool Reach site, which has 6 knot currents, is in a river valley and consequently free from wind and wave effects. EnGen Institute has developed a ‘Floating Lab’ to test tidal current energy harvesting systems and their components such as open-flow turbines, power trains, instrumentation and power electronics. The ‘Floating Lab’ has a beam on which a test system is mounted through a deck opening when the beam is raised and the lab is on its trailer in our workshop. When the Floating Lab is launched & moored at a tidal current site the beam & test-system is lowered for testing.  
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Floating Laboratory
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Tidal Energy Test Site
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PT. KIWAIN, TORRES STRAIT   EnGen Institute after researching tidal renewable energy for a decade is now certifying production designs. InfraTidal Pty Ltd will manufacture & install modular tidal power stations.   A tidal stream test site at Pt Kiwain adjacent to Thursday Is in Torres Strait was surveyed and modelled in 2008. It has a tidal current with a peak flow of over 6 knots (3m/s) and  6MW peak capacity. In 2011 Torres Tidal Pty Ltd, a spin-off from EnGen Institute, obtained after a detailed approvals process a permit to occupy and use the tidal energy test site. A pilot tidal stream power station is now in development. .